At Just Desserts we know the secret of how to bake a truly moist fruit cake.

We use this secret with all our fruitcake based creations, so you too can experience what professional bakers and judges have described as the best cake in Canterbury – ‘moist with excellent texture’, judged ‘Best in Show’ at the inaugural Kiwi Christmas Cake Competition in Christchurch.

Quality ingredients are essential if you want to produce a truly moist cake – we  choose the best quality dried fruit, flour, butter and eggs. And a dash of brandy, just the right amount, is also vital.

Having the right recipe, of course, is absolutely crucial but we won’t give too much away – it’s our secret recipe. We use the same winning recipe not only for Christmas cakes but also for our wedding cakes.

Traditional designs or something completely new, we guarantee a christmas cake that will not only taste great, but will look fabulous too!