How to Safely Transport a Cake

Just-Desserts-cake-transporterStress-free Cake Transportation

Safely transporting a multi tiered cake can make even experienced bakers and caterers nervous. However the fear of transporting a wedding cake without the risk of damage is no longer a problem with the Just Desserts cake box.

How to Transport a Wedding Cake

Whether you live in Christchurch, Queenstown or Auckland you can order a Just Desserts multi-tiered wedding cake or celebration cake with confidence, knowing it will arrive in tip top condition in our specially designed cake transporter box.

No need to worry about:

  • finding just the right sized cake box – not too big that the cake slides around inside, not too small that the decoration rubs off on the sides of the cake box.
  • having others travel with you to stop the wedding cake sliding about when going over bumps or around corners.
  • having to repair any accidents that happen in transit.

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Transporting Cakes Safely

The Just Desserts Cake Transporter fits a 16″ board and any cake up to five tiers. It can be hired for just $80.00 plus bond, picked up from our showroom on a Friday and must be return by  the following Monday. The cake box packs down flat when not in use for easy transportation.

To enquire about hiring the Just Desserts Cake Transporter, phone us on (03) 379 3754.

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