The Palms Shopping Centre relaunch cake

Palms Relaunch Cake

What do you get when you combine 80 kilos of fondant icing, 60 kilos chocolate, 20 dozen eggs, 20 kg of flour and a crane?

Answer: The Palms Shopping Centre re-opening cake!

Just Desserts poured more than 200 hours into creating this spectacular two-metre chocolate cake in the shape of The Palms. No detail was spared; even parked cars, palm trees and advertising hordings were included to make this an edible replica of the newly reopening Palms.

The cake featured as part of the reopening celebration for The Palms after it was closed for six month undergoing earthquake repairs. I was by far our biggest work to date, and had to be carefully hoisted out over our balcony, before being loaded and transported to The Palms where it underwent the finishing touches.